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Artwork by Erin O’Malley Photography from a curious eye and an uncharted mind. Exploring the interaction of light with macro photography, this blog documents the artist’s journey of translating impressions from altered states to normalcy. (Above: Light Poem.)
Matthen: Maths and Science Original posts about math, space, computational linguistics, and more, designed to be accessible and interesting to people of all backgrounds.
Operation Every Band The Mission: To review every band showcasing at SXSW 2013. Featuring daily write ups, videos, and exclusive content through March on over 2,000 bands!
LA Game Space A nonprofit, interdisciplinary center for art, design, and research, aimed at discovering the potential of videogames through residencies, exhibitions, labs, talks, and workshops.
#BURGERLORDS Burgerlords is a gang.
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We’ve been working hard on some new updates for you, and are thrilled to pull the curtain off of a big one — our iPhone app is now completely native! We think you’ll love the faster, smoother, and more responsive Tumblr Dashboard.

  • Redesigned dashboard — enjoy bigger photos and faster post loading.
  • Spiffy new notification previews so you can see exactly which posts were liked, reblogged, or replied to!
  • GIFs now play automatically on your Dashboard! Slide your finger across a GIF to view frame by frame.
  • New gestures — swipe right on any screen to go back to the previous view; long tap photos, links, tags, and post headers for more options.
  • Brand new blog screens with blog portraits and descriptions.

We’re really excited about this release and we can’t wait to see what you do with it. Try it out.


It’s a holiday miracle!
Without further ado, Tumblr for iPad is finally here. We hope you like it as much as we do.
(And don’t forget — Tumblr is awesome on your Android tablet too!)

Lee Ledbetter 

Sparkle of Orange by nextBlessing

Now that we’re well past the 2012 elections — and our live-GIF debate initiative that made a positive difference in so many lives — we’ll be addressing an occasion with less gravitas and more confetti: the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, which will be getting the live-GIF treatment on Gifwich, just like with the debates. Only this time, there’s fewer presidential candidates, a lot more celebs, and several million of your closest friends.
Our pals at Livestream are running the show on behalf of the Times Square Alliance. You can watch live coverage of the whole shebang pulled from multiple locales around Times Square on the official Livestream NYE 2013 channel. You’ll also see photo contributions from the crowd (and the world) via the Times Square Ball app, which lets you submit pics to be culled and voted for possible display on the giant Toshiba screen right below the mighty Ball. Download the app and who knows, get famous.
But you know, GIFs! Turning in their best work as the new year arrives will be Topher Price, Lacey Micallef, and Ryan Broderick, ensconced high above the madness in a secure blogger crow’s nest. Their work will be deposited live on Gifwich, but you’ll see selections pop up on the Livestream channel, and who knows, maybe even on that big Toshiba screen. The fun begins at 6pm on December 31 and lasts through midnight — see you then and there.
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